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Believable Characters in Unbelievable Worlds

  • Harbor Springs Library 206 S. Spring Street Harbor Springs (map)

Presenters:  Lindsay Eagar, Makiia Lucier, L.L. McKinney
Moderator:  Leah Willams

So many of us devoured fantastical novels as children. For those of us whose love of fantasy and science fiction continued well into adolescence and adulthood, we have learned a deep appreciation for inventive world building, well-paced adventure, ambiguous and shifting morality, and quests. What we dread, however, is the perfect hero. The good guy or girl without flaws. No matter how unbelievable the world, this person does not exist. There is much to be said for the writer who is able to bring us to an imagined place, but also provide characters in whom we believe, because they are as real as we are.